Your customers are smart. Every day they are getting quicker at judging your websites & marketing materials which means they can sniff out stock photography faster than giant rats can sniff out landmines.  

(that's really a thing!)


So imagine your potential customer lands on your website and the first thing they see is an enormous stock photo.  Maybe it's not even related to your business.  Do your images clearly portray your offerings?  

Imagine that your client is scrolling through their social media and sees your paid ad, but wait, didn't they see that same image from your competitor?  


These are all things I've seen happen, and I love to help my clients develop original, relevant content for their brands.  Quality, original images are a massive component of growing your business.  Studies have proven that you can get up to 94% more customer engagement with high quality images that are YOURS.  Studies have also shown that consumers feel that quality of an image is even more important than product specific information or even ratings and reviews.   


Schedule a consultation with me.  It's completely free and we can talk through your project so I can help you succeed.  



I go where you go, as they say.  

Want a urban location?  No problem.  Need waterfalls?  I've got a place.  Hoping for a location out of state?  Let's do it!


Maybe all you need is a climate controlled space with strobe lighting and a dressing room.  I've operated a full time commercial studio for years.  I've got you.


Whatever your need/hope/want is let's talk.  We'll find you the perfect place for your commercial shoot.  

models & makeup

In need in models and makeup?  No problem. 

Elaine Goepfert Photography is a turnkey studio.  

So, if you are in need of models and makeup, I can arrange that.  I also can arrange for hair, wardrobe, stylists, specific sets, backgrounds, props, you name it.  

Whether it's all these things or maybe none schedule a consultation and we can talk it through and figure out what's the best for you.

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Other Services

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